Extended Health Insurance

Along with ICBC, RCMP, VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada), Private Blue Cross and WSBC (for chiropractic treatments only), our office is able to submit to many extended health insurers.  At your appointment we will check with your insurer whether payment can be received directly by our office or if the payment must be received by the Plan Member.  Some policies may require a medical doctor’s referral for treatment (i.e. for massage treatment) so we recommend you check with your policy before your appointment to ensure your have the appropriate documentation for your treatment to be covered by your insurance.  Please note that you are responsible for any portion of your visit fee which is not covered by your insurer.

Some of the insurers to whom we are able to electronically submit your claim are:

Alberta Blue Cross

Green Shield

Empire Life

Pacific Blue Cross

Plan Members with policies through any other insurers are required to have this consent form (Telus eClaims Patient_Consent_Form) signed by the Plan Member (the primary card holder of the benefit) to authorize electronic claims transmission and payment to our office (the provider).  You may print, sign and bring this form along to the office or the Plan Member may sign a consent form at our office. If you are unsure if your insurance plan falls under this category, please give our office a call.