Through rehabilitation we are hoping to introduce strategies to help things stabilize, so the benefits of care endure.  Here you will find various handouts and coaching videos that we have recommended.  Please scan below for the entry we had recommended to you.  

Bird Dog

Here we have Waterloo’s Dr. Spine, Stuart McGill giving an overview about spinal stabilization strategies.  Below is the Bird Dog hand out to download and print. Missing-Link

Brachial Flossing

This video is based on the work done by David S. Butler and his text book: Mobilisation of the Nervous System published by Churchill Livingston.

Anterior Chain

We may have demonstrated what it feels like to make the front of your body (Anterior) long by using the Nada Chair (black elastic belt).  Here we have Dr. Goodman's TEDx talk demonstrating the Founder pose:

Dr. Goodman's foundation training translates from themes found in different disciplines like the don yu from Tai Chi, the chair pose in yoga, the squat, etc.  He has a series of exercise routines that can be found on his YouTube channel:  Foundation Training .  Please consult with us to determine where to begin.

Spinal Stenosis

Short Foot

How to Shovel Snow the Easiest & Safest Way! Aching Back NO MORE

Neck Motor Control