Identify and reduce the threat of different stressors.

What does relief look like?

Part of our initial exam was to perform provocation tests.  What caused pain?  cycle of painThis information guides the care plan to what offers relief.  As chiropractors we are looking for strategies to unload the system and reconciling function to structure.  Other considerations are nursing plans to deal with inflammation, pain and muscle guarding.  See the Cycle of pain Diagram:

Tartan Analogy

Sprains and strains mend in phases. Strategies for good outcomes are important for each phase of healing.Tartan  Here is an overview where we may have used a tartan cloth with a piece sewn on the bias to demonstrate the fibres of mending tissues.

Understanding Chronic Pain

Chair Care

This is a decompression strategy to help keep your discs hydrated.Chair Care  Click on the image to view the hand out. 

Half Somersault to treat BPPV Vertigo

Benign Positional Vertigo

Here we have an alternative to the Epley Manoeuvre: BPPV and Somersaults The half somersault.


Delamination of the disc annulus